My Story

From a young age I wanted to retire early and write a book.  It became quite apparent to me in my late twenties that this would be very challenging on many fronts.  At the age of 30 I set out to pursue this dream.

I started my own business, Balance Accounting and Financial Services, helping Small and Medium size businesses with their day to day bookkeeping needs.

I quickly learned the value of precious time.  As the clock ticked forward at an astonishing pace I realized that my early retirement was fast approaching. Although many years in the making I decided now was the time. I made some drastic changes in my life this year in an attempt to finally live the life I have always dreamed of.

My focus has become a healthy lifestyle partnered with a stress free work life. This new focus has allowed me the necessary time to allow my original dream of becoming an author to transpire.

This website is dedicated to me, my pursuit of happiness and the journey that this has become.